Treatment Plant Optimisation

With increasing costs for power and effluent discharge, process optimisation through real time, accurate monitoring of COD levels at key points throughout the treatment plant is a necessity.

The PeCOD™ COD range of analysers will provide critical monitoring information to optimize secondary treatment aeration power requirements and to control COD influent levels for effective management of Biological Nutrient Removal operations.

Environmental Monitoring
Understanding the level of organic pollutants and their potential environmental impact in water streams and discharges is critically important to the health of our water ways and for the optimal management of waste water treatment plants.

A number of standard tests, specifically Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) have been developed to estimate the oxygen demand of an aqueous sample via oxidative degradation of the organic material present in the sample . Due to a range of drawbacks, the currently available techniques have failed to completely satisfy the market demands for sensitive, reliable, real-time, automated measurement of organic pollutant levels in both laboratory based and on-line analysers.

  • Secondary stage treatment optimisation
  • BNR influent monitoring and control
  • Manufacturing plant optimisation
  • Plant discharge monitoring
  • Seawater Monitoring